About us

About Practical Tactical and Prep AZ

Practical Tactical and Prep (PTP) is Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) licensed in Arizona as a DBA under "Stratit Safety and Security".  We're family owned and we've been in business since 2017.


With all the Internet scams, I assure you, PTP is real; we have a federal EIN and Federal Firearm License, available for viewing in our home FFL location in Arizona in the 85212 zip code.

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PTP is a veteran owned, family run (thank you, Logan and Ben!), and US (AZ) based assembler, manufacturer, and seller of equipment and supplies you can use to prepare for emergency situations, whatever form these may take. ◀ ( THAT is a BLOG entry on the topic)

Every product we make and/or sell is designed to be a value to your personal disaster survival capabilities, and yeah, we do MAKE some of own really cool products.

We help our customers focus on survival priorities, using the logic that you will have:

  1. MOMENTS to decide how to defend yourself,
  2. SECONDS to apply the right first aid,
  3. and only a FEW SHORT DAYS to get sustenance (food and water), and
  4. a little TIME to figure out other needs

Understanding this, we help you prioritize 1) DEFENSE, 2) FIRST AID, 3) FOOD & WATER, and 4) ALL other prepping needs.

We are proud to have the opportunity to help you plan your preps.

Are you prepared?