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  • SECURE AND COMFORTABLE – These medical-grade phlebotomist disposable tourniquets are the standard size, measuring 1 inch wide x 18 inch long. They Provide a secure and comfortable hold on any sized limb of an infant, child, or adult.
  • STRONG AND DISPOSABLE - Disposable tear resistant tourniquets eliminate the need for timely clean-up in between patients while still giving you a super firm high-stretch elastic hold for maximum performance.
  • CONVENIENT – Each tourniquet comes precut, rolled, and banded with a rubber band allowing for easy use without having to untangle them from each other.
  • LATEX FREE - Not made from natural rubber latex. Ideal for those with latex allergies and sensitive skin.
  • QUALITY – Each tourniquet is made from high elastic and tear-resistant material, textured with a slip-resistant surface, giving the medical provider a better grip on the patient for maximum performance.

How to Use Tourniquet?


  • 1.Apply a tourniquet at least 2 inches above the wound
  • 2.Pass the tip of the tourniquet into the slit of the buckle and pull it tightly
  • 3.Turn the rod counterclockwise or clockwise until the bleeding stops
  • 4.Place the rod inside the clip of the tourniquet to secure and fix
  • 5.Record application time on the time tab