Contacting US

Hey all,

We have a "Contact Us' form, it's accessible AFTER a user creates a website account that verifies contact information. 

This is because, in spite of CAPTCHA controls, the form was still used to send us:

  • Russian language requests
  • Links with very bad controls
  • Porn sites
  • Offers to write code for our website
  • A couple of offers to fix our HVAC (Air conditioning)
  • And a myriad of other things that should remain unmentioned

We do ask for your email, address, and phone number, but that's so when you make orders, we can confirm if there's any suspicious activity with your account or in particular, someone using your credit card (we've had that and did not process the suspect order).

We WILL NOT email you unless you subscribe to any newsletter or notifications that we would send out, and then of course communications in the normal course of any orders you make. 

We look forward to you being a part of the PTP Community!