SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY SALE!!! State 48 Plates - Full Set Ballistic Body Armor

State 48 Plates
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PTP is proud to partner with another AZ small business, State 48 Plates!

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What you get:

  • MOPC Plate Carrier (color of your choice from black, tan, camo, a camo with black trim)
    • With proper adjustment will fit body sizes from 5’-100lbs up to 6’4-275lbs (extra-large and extra-small sets available upon special request while supplies last)
  • 10×12 LVL 3+ multi curve shooter’s cut front and back plates with base coating to mitigate spall an frag
  • 10×12 trauma pads for front and back
  • 6×6 curved LVL 3+ side plates with base coating to mitigate spall and frag

If you are looking for a full-body protection armor kit, then this whole package is for you. You will get front and back level 3+ ballistic steel plates, front and back 10×12 trauma pads, level 3+ steel side plates, and a molle carrier vest that is available in three different colors. This full set weighs below 20 pounds and with the side plates, around 24.5 pounds. Each and every part of this package is made in the USA.

Front and back level 3 + ballistic steel plates:

You don’t need to even think of your body protection with these level 3+ ballistic plates. These plates are developed using the highest quality materials and standards.

The set of plates are made from die-set pressed steel that comes with a professional base coating. This item is full rust and fire-resistant. These plates are so much lightweight and convenient to carry.

Front and back 10×12 trauma pads:

These trauma pads will absorb some impact energy and protect the wearer from back face deformation injuries. So, it extremely reduces the amount of energy transmitted to the body and reduces the chance of injury.

Level 3+ steel side armor plates:

Be tension-free of your body’s left and right side rib and waist protection with these level 3+ ballistic plates. These side armor plates will perfectly fit into any tactical entry vest’s side pocket or the side pocket of your body armor plate carrier.

These side armor plates provide maximum confidence and coverage for those who use these. The set of plates are made from die-set pressed steel. Each of these plates is weighed around 4 pounds. The dimension of this square shape side plate is 6×6.

Plate carrier:

This high-quality plate carrier will protect your upper body from bullets or ballast. Most of the plates (steel, ceramic, or composite small arms) can be carried with this body armor carrier.

It comes with a quick cinch adjustment for the front while the hooks and loop adjustments are placed on the shoulders. This lightweight plate carrier is made from military-grade fabric that is built to last.

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